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Some See Challenges. We See Opportunities

Some of the best brands in the world rely on BrandExtract to help them unlock their value. Learn how we’ve guided them in reaching their goals through our strategic, thoughtful approach.

  • Archrock - Archrock


    We updated the brand story of the leading natural gas compression services provider in the U.S. so that it matched their industry-leading performance.

  • Chemstations - Engineering Branding Case Study - Read Chemstations' Story


    See How a Rebrand Generated Significantly More Leads for a Software Company

    Explore our case study
  • EVgo - EVgo


    We helped NRG launch the first privately-funded network of electric vehicle charging stations by building their brand from the ground up.

  • Millar - Millar - Medical Technology Rebrand Strategy


    Discover How a Modern Rebrand Generated Global Product Sales

    Explore our case study
  • Pioneer Bank - Pioneer Bank

    Pioneer Bank

    Through strategic positioning and alignment, we were able to invigorate a leading regional bank.

  • Stripes - Stripes


    Through a series of branding initiatives, we helped Stripes grow from a collection of free-standing stores into a cohesive, publicly-traded enterprise.

  • Target Hospitality - Target Hospitality

    Target Hospitality

    We clearly defined this workforce accommodation provider's brand and helped them market themselves in a whole new way.

  • Transocean - Transocean Rebrand Case Study | BrandExtract


    Read How a Powerful Performance Story Manifested a Boundless Brand

    Explore our case study
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