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Energy Branding Services Examples

Energy Branding

While the oil price slump creates uncertainty in the industry and fuels pressure to cut costs, companies that make these tough budget and operational decisions based on long-term strategy, rather than short-term stress, will eventually emerge with a competitive advantage. Explore how a relevant energy branding strategy can help organizations navigate market turbulence and maximize business value. 

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Fuel Confidence in your Brand

Reinvent workforce priorities. 

As the oil price downturn persists, the pressures that first afflicted upstream companies have trickled down to the supporting energy service industries and downstream operations. Company leadership must now face a workforce that has declining confidence in management due, in large part, to widespread industry layoffs. HR and Operations managers may need to flip their priorities, shifting focus away from substantial recruitment efforts to scaling efficiently for the future and ensuring ongoing knowledge transfer.

Invest in a strong recovery. 

As other companies cut oil and gas marketing spend and visibility efforts, you have the opportunity to step forward and grab marketshare in a significantly less-crowded environment. While your budget may be restrictive, the small investments you make now in your company’s visibility can promote a more efficient recovery and help accelerate future growth.

Now is the perfect time to focus in on your corporate vision, sharpen your message, research your customers’ preferences, define brand attributes and create a purposeful direction for the future. Audit and evaluate your current oil and gas marketing channels to discover and capitalize on the avenues that yield the highest ROI. As the industry adapts to changing conditions, make a plan to emerge with a stronger, more agile and competitive brand.

Recognize growth opportunities in a down market. 

Companies that weather the downturn can look forward to growth opportunities to acquire talent or assets from distressed companies. While larger companies may be tempted to wait for less stable companies to go bankrupt before making a purchase, keep in mind that brand equity is often lost once a company enters the bankruptcy process. If you are interested in acquiring a brand, and not just its assets, consider picking it up before it reaches that point of extreme distress, and prudently infuse some capital to preserve its strength.

With the right strategy, a downturn may also be the perfect time to innovate and introduce new products or services. While the energy industry is often resistant to change, a down market encourages receptivity to new solutions that will make you clients' work less expensive and more efficient.

Our Work in the Energy Industry

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Maximize Private Equity Investments

Over the past several years, we’ve supported Intervale Capital as it adds new oil field services and equipment manufacturing companies to its portfolio. We create and update brand identities for its recently-acquired companies that require a refreshed and more scalable position to achieve the next stage of growth. Over the course of our relationship with Intervale, we have upgraded the brands for TEAM Oil Tools, Energes Oilfield Solutions, Milestone Environmental Services and Antelope Oil Tool.  Our work elevates the perception of these companies to match the level of service and quality associated with Intervale Capital's portfolio, ensuring that the private equity firm receives the maximum value of its investments.

See how we positioned Antelope to penetrate new markets

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Scale Businesses for Next-Level Growth 

The motivation to rebrand often occurs when clients find themselves on the cusp of a critical stage of growth. As small or mid-level businesses seek to become players in a wider regional or national energy services market, they often discover the need for a strengthened energy branding position that can shift perceptions and help express expanded services and delivery to customers.

We have supported growing businesses such as Crescent Directional Drilling and Truespec Energy Products as they transformed from smaller, local operations to highly competitive market players. For Truespec, we created a new identity to guide the company forward, along with interim and full-scale website iterations to provide a sustainable platform for growth. Similarly, we conducted a full-scale brand assessment for Crescent Directional Drilling, resulting in new positioning and a completely revamped web experience. 

Learn more about our engagement with Truespec

Energy Branding Examples

  • Our work for Nutech
  • Nutech Site View in an iPad Our work for Nutech website
  • Antelope Site in Mobile Devices Our work for Millar website
  • Our work for Millar
  • Our work for Marathon Oil
  • Marathon Oil Site In Computer Print work for Marathon Oil

“BrandExtract helped transform our company, guiding us forward from our founding legacy to become a more modern company poised for growth and ready to meet the dynamic and changing energy market. Our brand now provides a strong foundation for us to grow and compete.” 

- Michael Milam
President, Truespec Energy Products