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Healthcare branding of Millar and Millar OEM

Healthcare Branding

We help healthcare companies develop enduring, profitable brands. From medical device manufacturers to hospitals to healthcare services companies, we know where to find the opportunities that transform your brand from good to great. Over the past 15 years, we’ve partnered with healthcare leaders and innovators to create intelligent healthcare brands that deliver lasting value.

A Few Companies We've Worked With


  • Lone Star Medical Products Logo
  • Houston Methodist Hospital Logo - Medical Branding
  • Helios Medical Ventures

Empowering Better Patient Outcomes

Stay ahead of the curve.

At nearly every level, healthcare brands must keep up with frequent policy changes and rapidly evolving technology solutions. Increasingly, these changes are giving patients more control over their treatment.

But keeping up with the increasing demands from regulations and financial oversight committees, as well as empowered patients, is just the baseline for success. Today’s most successful and sustainable healthcare brands are able to present themselves as trustworthy and stable, as well as dynamic and relevant. 


Manage pressure to deliver premium care at lower cost.

The notion that the most expensive healthcare solution is the most effective is eroding, and patients have started deciding for themselves how and where to seek treatment. Many are even willing to drive past the closest hospital or emergency room in order to reach a healthcare facility that offers better a customer-experience or a better value.

And with higher out-of-pocket drug costs, they’re seeking greater transparency from pharmaceutical providers and prescribers about the true value of these products.


Disrupt business strategy in an age of healthcare commoditization.

Meanwhile, the structure of the industry is shifting in many ways. Companies are focused on:

  • finding the right scale for their business.
  • divesting divisions that no longer make sense.
  • acquiring companies that align with their core offerings.
  • merging to realize greater opportunities.

Now more than ever, clearly differentiated service offerings and a defined market position are crucial for healthcare brands looking to thrive in the age of commoditization.

With over 60% of patients searching for medical information online before making a purchase decision, digital visibility matters too. And once you’re found, your ability to answer questions and build trust plays a significant role in determining how prospective consumers relate to your brand. The right story and strategy can be the tool that transforms your healthcare company into the knowledgeable, leadership brand that’s driving innovation for your market. 

Healthcare Work We've Done

Lone Star Medical - Helathcare Branding Material

Lone Star Medical

Lone Star Medical approached us for guidance on increasing sales with the end goal of attracting a large buyer for the company. We began by evaluating their product line and identifying influencers in the process. 

While conventional wisdom said that medical device companies should market their products to physicians and procurement professionals, our assessment uncovered that operating room nurses actually held the most decision-making power over surgical device purchases. This and other insights helped inform a cohesive brand story and position.

The updated brand story along with a transformed sales strategy attracted a corporate buyer within just three months of the rebrand. 

Millar Logo


We helped Millar manage a global merger by proving that they were a leading-edge clinical and research company. In a market where innovation is everything, conveying the quality and sophistication of their latest groundbreaking products means everything.

Millar's new brand positioning, “Making the Improbable Possible,” integrates technology with the human element to form a compelling story. The rebrand helped move the global merger forward, generated overwhelming support from the internal team, and contributed to a projected 30% year-over-year growth rate for the business.

Read the Full Case Study

Complete RX Branded Materials


CompleteRx provides pharmacy management consulting services that help hospitals run more efficiently and profitably. We helped them identify their impact points across the entire hospital ecosystem and validate their influence on patient safety, waste reduction and budgeting.

To differentiate CompleteRx from the role of in-house pharmacy staff, we introduced the idea of the SuperPharmacist — an expert who leverages the firm’s immense network of pharmacy managers and support staff to create the most comprehensive system for compliance, safety and savings. 

Explore How CompleteRx Is Living Pharmacy

Healthcare Branding Examples

  • Complete Rx site
  • Our work for Millar Print material
  • Lone Star Medical Products Branding
  • Lone Star Medical Products Branding
  • Lone Star Medical Prodcuts Branding
  • Houston Methodist Healthcare Branding Example

“BrandExtract really helped us see the full potential for our brand. With their vision, we were able to make a paradigm shift and refocus our communications to convey the true impact Millar and our customers have on medical advancement.”

Michelle Sanders
Millar’s Marketing Communications Manager