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Legal Branding

New players are entering and expanding into territories previously dominated by law firms. Reclaim your brand's hold on the market while understanding the rise of in-house legal teams, the rapid of expansion of legal services offered by non-practicing consultants and the prevalence of do-it-yourself services online. Learn how we’re branding law firms to recapture valuable mindshare and differentiate from competitors in a crowded marketplace.

Who We've Worked With


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Marketing your Law Firm

Eliminate distractions that interfere with building brand equity.

Even as the market becomes more competitive, many law firms still struggle to keep focus on marketing efforts compared to the pressure to bill more hours. Individual attorneys are often reluctant to participate in organization-level marketing for law firms, assuming their own personal brands matter just as much, if not more, than the identity of the firm they are affiliated with. But the truth is that branding is a reciprocal and collective process that raises the value of both. When you ignore the development and maintenance of your law firm’s brand, operational challenges, such as leadership transitions, become even more daunting. As named owners retire and need to transfer equity to the next generation of leadership, an existing, solid brand strategy helps stabilize the process and ensure client loyalty - even after a top-performing lawyer moves on.

Understand the need for continual reinvestment.

Because brand management is frequently relegated to lower priority levels and many firms are slow to initiate change, it is not uncommon for even relatively successful law firms to use ten-year old website technology and other aging marketing materials. Over time, however, competitors’ materials become more sophisticated and the difference in quality becomes increasingly obvious, like seeing a worn-out suit next to a modern, well-tailored wardrobe. As your prospective clients evaluate their choices for legal representation, it is important to raise the level of your law firm marketing strategy to match the quality of your attorneys.

Communicate brand differentiators.

A concentrated branding effort helps law firms more effectively communicate their value by conveying the sum of their expertise instead of relying on the individual reputations of a disparate group. More and more law firms are expanding their attorney marketing strategies to include blogs, live events and podcasts. This effort to develop a brand personality enables prospective clients to distinguish one firm from another, while helping job candidates track the right cultural fit. A strong legal brand presents a simplified message to the market, which in turn supports hiring and retention efforts.

Our Work in the Legal Industry 

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With a major leadership transition on the horizon, BoyarMiller initiated a law firm branding effort to combat its perceived low visibility. The majority of BoyarMiller’s attorneys were not actively engaged in marketing efforts. The firm needed to bring the company’s unique value to the forefront of its brand communications.

After an in-depth research and assessment process, we developed and launched a new brand position, Practice with Purpose, to represent the firm’s core values, which have been the cornerstone of its success. To boost visibility for the brand and cultivate deeper relationships with industry leaders and prospective clients, we helped the company develop a law firm marketing strategy, including its popular Breakfast Forum speaker series, which continues to grow in scale. Additionally, the firm’s attorneys are now actively engaged in ongoing lawyer marketing efforts, including a series of BoyarMiller blogs targeted to specific legal issues. 

See how our work differentiated BoyarMiller from its competitors

Susman Godfrey Site

Susman Godfrey

Individual attorneys were eager to promote their expertise and personal accomplishments, and Susman Godfrey needed a method to harness this energy to benefit the firm’s overall reputation and marketing efforts. We developed a brand identity that reflected the high caliber quality of its lawyers and framework that would allow attorneys to update their own brands within the context of the greater Susman Godfrey brand. 



We partnered with Fulbright & Jaworski (now Norton Rose Fulbright) to guide the evolution of their brand throughout the course of a decade. In the constantly developing legal landscape, the firm needed to advance beyond legacy associations around its founding partners to promote current areas of depth.

To quantify Fulbright's existing brand attributes and recognition levels in the marketplace, we conducted a benchmark study with over 120 Fulbright attorneys, staff, clients, strategic partners and prospects. Based on this research, we developed a new brand that empowered Fulbright & Jaworski to continue to grow as a firm. During our decade-long partnership, we completed hundreds of projects annually and contributed strategic guidance to raise the firm’s reputation in targeted areas.

Legal Branding Examples

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“Our new brand has not only greatly increased our visibility in a very competitive marketplace, but has also sparked enthusiasm in our attorneys, who have become eagerly reengaged in our marketing efforts. This experience has proven to us how crucial it is to have a strategically developed brand that accurately conveys a company's mission, vision and values.”

– Chris Hanslik
Vice Chairman, BoyarMiller