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Retail Branding Example

Retail Branding

Branding plays a crucial role across the entire retail life-cycle: whether you’re introducing your company to the world for the first time, launching a new product, creating a customer retention strategy or repositioning a dated brand for modern customers. Explore how retail branding influences your customers' experiences and purchasing behavior.

Who We've Worked With

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Retail Branding Trends that Attract Loyal Customers

Create seamless shopping experiences. 

As omnichannel retail possibilities expand, customers have begun to opt for these blended experiences that blur the lines between digital and in-person sales. For example, customers may want to browse online and request local pick-up, visit a brick and mortar location, order an out-of-stock item from their mobile devices, or look up reviews online while shopping in-store. Some retailers find themselves in the early stages of digital and physical integration, often leading to awkward or gimmicky experiences that clash with customer expectations or simply do not function as well as they should.

Fulfill customer expectations through consistent brand touchpoints. 

As your customers’ expectations change as fast as emerging technology, your brand plays an increasingly important role in creating consistently delightful retail experiences, regardless of delivery method. Strong retail branding strategies help company leadership make better decisions about how to apply the latest trends and technologies in a way that strengthens your brand instead of diluting it.

Build customer trust and loyalty. 

Retail branding also helps establish trust between your business and your customers. As customer concerns surrounding data security rise, it’s crucial that your brand communicates confidence at every stage of the purchase journey.

Ultimately, retail branding transforms your customers into believers. Your brand advocates are willing to drive further, pay more and bring all their friends along, too. Discover how we create retail brands that generate belief and put customers in your corner. 

Retail Work We've Done

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Stripes Convenience Stores 

We helped Stripes transform from a collection of free-standing stores into a cohesive, publicly-traded enterprise. When Susser Holdings (formerly a Circle K franchisee) decided to convert over thirty retail convenience stores into a new, independent chain, we built the brand from the ground-up. In addition to developing and implementing the overall Stripes brand, we created and integrated sub-brands for Laredo Taco Company, Slush Monkey and Ice Box. These sub-brands helped the company differentiate its food and beverage offerings from the generic products sold by competitors. 

In an ongoing effort to change consumer behavior patterns and increase sales and traffic, we created characters (product mascots) that acted out impulse buy scenarios for daily needs. Our branding and advertising work successfully helped Stripes gain customers for its quick-service restaurant offerings by showcasing new reasons to visit throughout the day.

Our work for eVgo NetWork

eVgo NetWork (NRG)

NRG sought to develop the first privately-funded network of electric vehicle charging stations. As the first player to enter the market, the right retail brand was crucial to capture and maintain customer loyalty among early adopters. We developed the eVgo brand from scratch and launched it nationwide. The brand position was based on helping customers overcome the primary hurdle for buying an electric car - running out of juice. The tagline, “Be free,” originated from top buyer criteria - the freedom from environmental emissions, freedom from high fuel costs and freedom from energy dependency. The brand continues to support the growth of the network, which expands nationwide year-over-year.

Our work or Uptown Diamond

Uptown Diamond 

The jewelry start-up wanted to target millennials and young professionals before they bought their first diamond, typically an engagement ring, through a more customer-focused experience. We created a retail branding strategy centered around anticipation and linking meaningful moments in time. The tone of the brand mirrored that of an upscale boutique, with a focus on creating custom jewelry. We transformed a traditionally transactional process into an exclusive, personal brand experience.

Retail Branding Examples

  • Stripes Ad Copy
  • Our work for Stripes
  • Taco Company Logo Raspa Chango
  • Boiler House
  • Max's Wine Dive Logo
  • Lasco Enterprise Logo The Black Door Logo
  • The Black Door Print Material

“BrandExtract has provided valuable observation and understanding into who our website visitors are and what information they are seeking. This actionable insight has really helped us tailor our pages so that our customers get the most from our site and come back often. Their expert team took the complex data and made it sensible and digestible for us. Thanks to BrandExtract, our site has continued to grow and improve.”

– Jennifer Meyers
Digital Marketing Specialist, Murphy USA 

“Our staff stands not only behind the brand, but the entire concept as well. It’s a very memorable story, which helps paint a mental picture for our members on the benefits of purchasing retail wine through our popular brick and mortar establishments. The brand itself has a very “mysterious” look and feel to it, which allows for an easy conversation starter with our customers.” 

– Tiffany Cullum
Director of Wine Sales Communications, Lasco Enterprises