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Technology branding example for Ghost server

Technology Branding

The technology industry thrives on change, requiring constant experimentation and innovation. Rather than deterring new entries, highly saturated markets beckon for potentially disruptive products and ideas. To stimulate customer loyalty and differentiate from competitors, tech brands strive to continually deliver software updates, communicate novel use cases or launch new systems. See how strategic tech company branding and marketing can help your company generate a competitive advantage in this fast-moving space.

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Solve the complex equation for a seamless tech brand experience 

Develop customer loyalty. 

An extremely diverse and crowded industry with potential low cost to entry, startup competitors can appear overnight, making it more difficult to secure your position as a market leader. If you sit idle, customers wander away to the next big thing. Your technology brand requires continual reinvestment to ensure users engage with your product and develop a strong loyalty to your business. 

Communicate your solution.

When customers adopt new technology, they are looking to ease a pain point or make life easier and more enjoyable. They often start by searching for an answer to a problem, so it’s important to utilize communications strategies that reach customers at the exact moments and places where they seek to engage. Since many buyers conduct online research before making a purchase, a strong digital presence through channels such as social media and influencer outreach can help customers discover your product.

Supplement product data with storytelling. 

Companies often focus too heavily on the product that they’re selling, rather than telling the story behind it. Advertising research shows that a person’s emotional response to your marketing has far more influence in their purchasing decision than the actual product itself. To engage buyers, you must find ways to empathize in your technology marketing.

Sell a vision, not just a product.  

A recent survey showed nearly half of all Android and iPhone users only update their device when it stops working. Just 2% of users update with each new release. This principle applies to B2B technology, as well. Technology can be expensive, especially when outfitting an entire organization with new hardware or software. Businesses incur additional costs when training team members to use unfamiliar platforms and systems. To induce buyers to switch or update their technology, you must sell a vision, not just a product.

Once you create all-in belief in your technology brand, you can introduce new products while minimizing the risk of alienating customers with frequent changes and releases. If executed and communicated well, consistent and attentive software upgrades can prove valuable to core users, reassuring them your technology is expandable and flexible.

Our Work in Tech 

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NUTECH analyzes nearly every prospective and producing oil basin in the world, but its expertise was underutilized by clients. They turned to us for help assessing its market, brand and messaging in order to determine an ideal brand position.

We reintroduced NUTECH to the industry with a more powerful, consultative role, coining the term “gold field” to demonstrate how the company helps clients make profitable decisions that prolong the lifecycle of an asset. The new brand communicates the value of NUTECH’s industry-leading reservoir intelligence.

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Our work for chemstations


Chemstations is a leading global supplier of chemical process simulation software. To combat market encroachment by a larger, more established competitor, we developed a new brand position for Chemstations. Our technology branding work resulted in a rise in interest and activity on the company website. After just four months, Chemstations saw site traffic increase by 60% as well as a 22% increase in leads for its free trial offer. We continue to run successful LinkedIn advertising campaigns for the brand, with a conversion rate to date of 2,172%.

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Business Disaster Recovery

Techcess Group

Techcess Group is an IT services and support company. We positioned Techcess as a strategic partner to clients, and developed a sales playbook for them to demonstrate process differentiation and create trust with the client in an otherwise commoditized marketplace. As a result, we reduced client attrition and increased price points and top line sales, ultimately leading to the company’s acquisition by All Covered.

Tech Branding Examples

  • Empact It Site
  • Our work for Empact It Our work for Empact It website
  • Our work for Chemstations
  • Chemstations
  • Computer

“The new brand really illuminates what it is we do and communicates how we help clients get…more value out of their E&P investments. BrandExtract helped us develop a language and a process for selling our expertise to a broader E&P universe.” 

– Will Deaton,
V.P. Client Services, NUTECH