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ABS Group

Discover How a New Digital Experience Helped Recast ABS Group’s Global Position and Tripled Leads


ABS Group of Companies, a leading technical services provider, wanted to boost its reputation as a total solutions partner and increase consistency between online messages and offline efforts. Learn how the updated enterprise-level website unified ABS Group’s digital presence, created clarity and value for users, and dramatically increased the number and quality of leads resulting in millions of dollars in revenue growth.

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What We Did

  • Enhanced and unified the digital experience for users
  • Launched a new content strategy to establish thought leadership
  • Tripled business leads and RFPs through the website within the first six months

How We Did It

  • Conducted a global UX, content and digital visibility assessment
  • Developed a versatile knowledge center
  • Built a new user experience and responsive website through our SAM CMS
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As a subsidiary of American Bureau of Shipping, a leading classification society, information about ABS Group and its services was scattered across a series of websites. Users experienced sudden and jarring transitions between the main ABS Group website and satellite sites, often leading to confusion, especially since each site used different naming conventions and hierarchies to describe service offerings.

Additionally, finding the services and value propositions was lost on most users. The company sought to elevate itself as a thought leader, while consolidating its digital footprint without compromising brand equity for users more familiar with its subsidiaries around the world.

To accomplish this, ABS Group needed to consolidate and transform its website into an effective business driver that engages leads and highlights the company’s core strengths, particularly within a challenging economic environment. The company needed content that aligned with shifting business goals, focusing on higher demand service lines and key markets.

An additional objective of the project was to build a clearer, more direct user experience to reach the appropriate subject matter ABS Group experts, based on geography, market and service line.


We began with a strategic global assessment, which included a user experience, content and digital visibility audit of ABS Group’s three main websites and multiple foreign language websites.

The assessment also included a competitive website study and interviews with key stakeholders and subject matter experts representing different markets and service lines. Based on our findings, we created detailed content and conversion strategies that targeted ABS Group’s objectives of lead generation and industry education.

Streamlined Digital Presence Clarifies Company Mission

To create a more unified digital experience for ABS Group, we incorporated messaging from each site into the main site for a more comprehensive view of the company. By bringing this information together in one place, there’s now greater clarity around ABS Group’s ability to serve as a total service solution provider for its clients.

Multi-purpose Hub Amplifies Thought Leadership

ABS Group also sought to educate users through smart storytelling and easy access to training. We developed a versatile Knowledge Center that promotes powerful thought leadership content such as industry commentary and analysis, case studies and webinars.

We crafted this content to use it for multiple business development tactics, including informing and inspiring offline marketing materials. The Knowledge Center also allows ABS Group to highlight key markets and high-demand services through featured content.

User Testing Refines Web Strategy and User Experience

To ensure the new website provides a high-quality user experience for all visitors, we conducted two separate rounds of user testing – one round in the Information Architecture phase and again before site launch. We incorporated these findings into the site to ensure visitors can easily locate information and accomplish their objectives.

We built the responsive website in our SAM Web Content Management system, which continues to impress ABS Group’s experienced Digital Team with its flexibility and ease of use. BrandExtract then worked with ABS Group to develop and launch a communications strategy for the content and website.


The new digital strategy was successful on all levels. The desired clarity was achieved and the site’s user experience improved significantly. Not only did more people come to the site but they also stayed longer and did more.

The pages visited per session increased more than 50%, and the duration of sessions grew by more than 150%. Organic traffic rose 79% and social media traffic grew more than 300%. Most importantly, six and seven figure business leads tripled within the first six months of the site’s launch.

The Business Marketing Association (BMA) of Houston also recognized BrandExtract’s work on ABS Group’s digital strategy, which earned a Lantern Award for Best Website. This exciting achievement reflects the deep and ongoing relationship between BrandExtract and ABS Group as the technical services provider continues to accelerate growth and inspire belief.

“This site is the very definition of a content hub, and the Knowledge Center is the most important section on the site for improving our business leads growth.”

— Andy Hilditch 
Director of Marketing and Communications, ABS Group

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