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See How a Rebrand Generated Significantly More Leads for a Software Company

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Chemstations is a leading global supplier of chemical process simulation software. But its brand image wasn’t accurately conveying its market leading position or effectively capturing brand recognition. The company worried that low brand visibility compared to a larger competitor was impacting its ability to attract new leads and increase market share.

What We Did

  • Repositioned the brand
  • Customized and differentiated services
  • Aligned product with brand recognition
  • Increased new sales leads

How We Did It

  • Conducted in-depth market research
  • Established relevant brand voice
  • Developed a strategic website
  • Modernized culture and brand
  • Marketed and managed lead generation programs


Although its product, CHEMCAD, is well known within the chemical industry, chemical engineers weren’t always making the connection to Chemstations. The industry global supplier of chemical process simulation software had low brand visibility that began to impact its ability to attract leads.

Software sales were slumping, and pilots were not resulting in new customer adoption. Chemstations needed to convey the true value of the company and its product.

Chemstations 3 Banners


Reposition Brand

The customer assessment process revealed the brand position needed to focus more on the engineer and less on the software product. Chemstations’ true value proposition was in advancing the product of the companies using CHEMCAD. The company inadvertently positioned itself tactile by focusing too much of their past efforts on the technology features and functions.

We created a new brand and voice that clearly communicates the company’s unique character, advanced technology and global presence. The new brand position, “Engineering Advanced,” promises to deliver faster, better-integrated tools that complement industry intelligence, allowing engineers to do brilliant work and advance the profession.

Generate Leads

We helped its new brand reach more industry professionals through wildly successful digital marketing campaigns. As the first chemical process simulation software company to effectively use LinkedIn advertising, Chemstations earned huge name recognition and doubled the number of qualified leads after a two-month testing period. A successful paid LinkedIn strategy paired with a strong social media presence helped generate hundreds of leads.

Capture Market Share

Our assessment uncovered that customers cared little about product leadership when making a purchase decision. Instead, what customers wanted was ongoing support for the product and help solving their complex problems. We helped shift Chemstations’ mindset to focus on the total brand experience, not just on software or process simulation, and built the new brand around the company’s ability to solve problems.

CHEMCAD "Did You Know That" Display
ChemCad Package and CD
CHEMCAD "Free Trial" Display


Chemstations has experienced a 25%+ year-over-year growth average for nearly a decade. We also doubled the number of qualified leads for its free trial campaign after a two-month testing period.

Our relationship remains strong with Chemstations after nearly a decade, and it continues to trust us to drive sales and manage its brand today.

Modular number/graph version

• 25%+ year-over-year growth average for eight consecutive years

• 60% increase in qualified leads

• 200% increase in free trial offer

• Nearly decade long relationship with client


Chemstations achieved a 2,172% conversion rate on LinkedIn

“With BrandExtract, we’ve crafted a brand that differentiates us, cuts through the ‘noise,’ but doesn’t make our customers uncomfortable. In many ways, the brand ‘just feels right’ to our customers because it reinforces all the reasons they buy from us.”

— Steve Brown
COO, Chemstations

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