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ECC Association

Discover How a New Perspective Helped Engage and Reinforce the Value of ECC

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For engineering and construction professionals looking to thrive, the ECC Association supports industry advancement through programming that provides unique perspectives on growth. The BrandExtract team strived to articulate its mission and purpose, drive growth for its annual conference through a key stakeholder segment and expand the brand’s market reach.

Discover how our team built a brand driven by leadership and fresh thinking, integrated it into ECC’s new digital experience and grew a key segment of its target audience for the annual PerspECCtives Conference.

What We Did

  • Strategically repositioned the brand
  • Redefined perception in the marketplace
  • Ensured the future and sustainability of the organization and conference

How We Did It

  • Assessed the brand perception across members, stakeholders and competitors
  • Developed a new brand identity, brand position and messaging
  • Launched a new ECC website and an integrated marketing campaign for the PerspECCtives Conference 


ECC’s brand needed to be revitalized to remain a leader in a competitive market. The challenge for ECC was to remain engaged with its audiences and reinforce the value of the organization throughout the year, particularly asset owners. Many of its stakeholders also didn’t understand ECC’s mission.

Since the mission encouraged networking, innovation and the exchange of ideas between owners, contractors and academics, ECC needed a brand that reflected fresh thinking and unique perspectives. Additionally, ECC also had to reconfigure its web user experience and reinforce the relevance of its annual PerspECCtives Conference.

New ECC Logo Design


We assessed ECC’s existing brand and digital experience, which included stakeholder interviews that revealed the internal and external perceptions of the organization. The assessment displayed a lack of clarity of the association, its mission and purpose, which contributed to stagnant member participation and brand awareness.

Our team transformed ECC to effectively present its value proposition and ensure long-term sustainability. We developed the brand concept, “Perspectives - Shift Your View,” to describe the association’s support for industry advancement through programming that provides unique perspectives on the industry contributing to business and personal growth.

After framing the new positioning, we revamped the association’s look and feel, and crafted stronger messaging to support its new brand. With consistency in mind, we renamed the annual conference and created fresh collateral to reflect the new brand.

To supplement year-on-year growth for the PerspECCtives Conference, we also planned and executed an integrated marketing campaign to grow new asset owner participation by 10% each year. This multi-touch effort included items such as direct mail, featuring a book from a previous keynote speaker, a designed book sleeve with a detachable bookmark, a branded thermos and a tri-fold postcard inviting owners to register.

We helped reposition ECC’s mission and vision to focus on building leaders and encourage the exchange of ideas, setting it on a new path.



To generate brand awareness and excitement, ECC revealed its new brand and digital experience during its annual conference, giving attendees a sense of involvement in the association.

The organization experienced improved online visibility with the development of its new website. We delivered a robust content strategy, improved user experience, and provided a highly responsive and mobile-friendly website that serves the needs of ECC’s audience.

ECC’s new brand now clearly communicates the mission and purpose of the organization and the value it brings its various constituents. The organization is able to better communicate with its audience to provide conference resources and insights. It also provides stronger context around its Future Leaders program, resulting in a broader perspective of the industry.

For the PerspECCtives Conference, our integrated marketing campaign helped ECC exceed its sign-up goal of 10% new asset owners by 143%. The campaign was recognized by the Business Marketing Association of Houston and won the coveted Lantern Award for Best Dimensional Mailer.


“BrandExtract helped us set the foundation for a new direction for ECC. Our powerful new brand, visuals and online presence has been well received among our stakeholders. The new brand and website addresses the true and unique value of ECC and our mission.”

— Tara Wilson
Manager at ECC Association since 2002

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