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Read How a Powerful Performance Story Manifested a Boundless Brand

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Transocean has a long, rich history of pioneering deepwater drilling, setting world records and compiling a lengthy list of industry firsts. Behind the scenes, Transocean was breaking past industry standards for safety and working on new monitoring systems to drive efficiency, but it wasn’t expressing its story as an industry leader.

What We Did

  • Redefined and articulated the brand position
  • Transformed employees into brand advocates
  • Increased leadership visibility
  • Renewed brand interest with customers, prospects and investors

How We Did It

  • Conducted a 360° assessment of employees and customers
  • Launched brand to employees through large-scale events around the world
  • Built consistent delivery channels to communicate the vision and strategy
  • Celebrated the brand launch with customers and prospects


Transocean needed a brand that could inspire and engage its employees, remind customers of who was still the leader in deepwater drilling and show a constant push for improvement. After slumping stock prices and an oil crash, the company was struggling to differentiate in an ever-commoditized, price sensitive market. 


Reposition Brand

A 360° assessment — surveys of employees from all divisions and customers — provided insight into the culture of this industry and what clients were seeing, saying and expecting from Transocean in the future. When analyzing results, a clear theme emerged: this company that pushes performance in every aspect of its business is Boundless. We repositioned the brand to reflect this story.

Concept art of what Transocean's display will look like

Create Employee Brand Advocates

We built employee interest by releasing teaser communications with the new brand elements and messaging. This led to large-scale global launch events. We also conducted pre-launch education meetings with Transocean leaders to explain the origin and meaning of the brand. And we launched a brand video, storybook and corporate website to coincide with the brand launch. Check it out at

Increase Leadership Visibility

By providing the platform for the executive and management teams to become brand advocates, we helped increase their visibility and engagement among employees and fast-tracked company-wide brand adoption. The leadership team took the message around the world to express Transocean's corporate vision.

Renew Brand Interest

Transocean has a powerful performance story that needed to be communicated to all audiences. It also needed to inform customers, prospects and investors of the company's differentiators. To achieve both goals, we launched a new corporate website, developed safety and performance brochures, and created executive presentations that communicated the Boundless brand.

Magazine Spread of TransOcrean Values
TransOcean Numbered Board


Transocean’s corporate rebranding reinvigorated its 5,400 employees, and they felt part of a positive movement. We also teased the new brand through 20 pre-brand launch printed and digital materials so that customers got a peek into the new vision. The six global brand launch events drew company record-breaking crowds across the world.

Employees also engaged with management and the executive team and learned Transocean’s corporate strategy. The new executive team enjoys a closer connection to employees and set the course to be more visible and transparent in communicating the corporate vision.

The new Boundless brand resulted in a stock price rise of 64% only in the first year after launching. We continue to work closely with Transocean as its brand outperforms competitors in an ever-changing market.

Transocean Art Boards for their Boundless Brand

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